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Doodle Home Features Another Cindy Barganier Project

I received an email yesterday from Doodle Home letting me know that they were going to be running a story on one of my projects. Those are always fun emails to get!

Thanks Doodle Home!



Being very busy parents of three small children can become very taxing on a couple and their lives. It becomes difficult to find a peaceful place to go to escape the madness. One couple approached Cindy Barganier because she had designed a previous home for them, and they knew she could take on this particular challenge.



bedroom before



“She has always wanted a romantic canopy bed,” Cindy Barganier noted. “One that allows you to fall into down pillows with a good book and pull the sheer curtains around you and escape to your own little world for awhile.”


This project posed two minor challenges:

1.  Although the room was large, it had a low ceiling.

“I knew that using a four poster bed with canopy would make it feel even lower so I custom designed a ceiling mounted canopy that drew the eye up as far as possible,” said Barganier.

The chandelier is larger than you would expect for a bedroom, but it’s visually light. Barganier incorporated this chandelier to fool the eye and create the illusion of a higher ceiling, while the blue ceiling above it is meant to suggest an open sky.



bedroom after