Ugly Costs The Same As Pretty

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Ugly Costs The Same As Pretty

My goodness. I have completely ignored you.  I am sorry.

My only excuse is: 4 weddings, speaking engagement, work trip to Florida designing 3 lines of fabric and now…

this afternoon…..

flying to New York to present said fabrics.

Pray please. 🙂

“PLEASE call me (or a designer you trust) BEFORE you start making major purchases in your house.

Trust me, you will save money and as a client just said to me last week; Ugly costs the same as Pretty. Clients that call me BEFORE they make major decisions are so HAPPY that they did!”

I love this quote from Maria at Color Me Happy. She has recently encountered the situation that all designers dread, the phone call from the potential client that should have come in 6 months earlier. They are now way down the stream of decision-making, are about to hit the rapids and want you to save them.

We can’t.

It is so sad to me when I see people who think it is too expensive to use a professional so they buy inexpensive things or just inappropriate things and in the end have to call us in anyway and end up spending double.

Worse than that are the ones who hire a professional but don’t like what they hear, think they can do it for less and…. same story.

See you SOON my gracious friends… promise.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project please contact me at

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