A Blog is Born

A Blog is Born

My daughter and all of my really young friends tell me that I should be blogging. I’m not really sure that I need to take on one more thing that I have to keep up with on a fairly regular basis but I will try. They tell me that you get better with time. I’m not sure you will still be with me by the time that time arrives. My husband is the writer. He is very good at it. I tend to write the way that I speak.. snatches of thoughts about this or that with blatant disregard for where commas should really go, I just use them to create a pause where I want one to be. Therefore, this could very well be a disaster in the making.

I am an artist. Not one who paints with oils but one who creates worlds. I am an interior designer/decorator by trade but I also sing and dance a little, I love using beautiful flowers in the worlds that I am creating but can’t grow one for the love of money and I just recently started designing fabrics and furnishings. My first pattern is now available world wide through Duralee Fabrics. I will post a picture of it later.

Mainly though I am a collector of people. One of my favorite parts of this world that I live in is that I get to interact with the most interesting and highly energized people on the planet. We don’t believe in the word no. We don’t like to hear, “that can’t be done”. We get frustrated, yes even sad, when the people around us give up or get overly pessimisstic about the days that we live in. We are the eternal optomist. Things will change for the better. The day will return when we actually have clients again and yes, projects will get approved again… some day.

Until that day arrives I choose to spend my time learning new skills ( like blogging?), educating myself on new ways to do things and working on design ideas that got left on the back burner when we were moving on all cylinders.

Cindy Barganier
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