“Mr. Duralee” comes to town

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“Mr. Duralee” comes to town

Well I told you that I have started designing fabrics and furniture. One of my fabric patterns was purchased by Duralee Fabrics last year and is now available in about 40 countries worldwide. It was such a thrill to be able to visit the corporate headquarters in Manhattan and present my work to the head designer and come away with a “Yes!” Jeff and I made the most of it by staying at The Ritz. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. ha ha


The pattern is featured in their Linea Graphics collection and is shown in four different colorways. Check it out wherever Duralee Fabrics are sold.

 The morning after the announcement appeared in the paper that the fabric was on the market Mr. Marty Rosenberger President of Duralee flew to Alabama to meet me and Jeff. It was his first trip to Bama- thus the Vintage Alabama book that we presented to him- and such a thrill to be able to spend the morning with him telling him of my dreams for the future. He in return told us all about when his father started the company. His job as a little boy was to hand cut the samples and tie them with a string for his Daddy to deliver to all of the decorators. The screen printing operation was in an abandoned chicken coop because it gave them the long skinny space that was necessary for a full piece of grey goods ( unprinted fabric) to be spread out for continuous printing. Can you imagine??? “You’ve come a long way Baby!”

There it is!! WE DID IT. YEA!!!!!

My wonderful friend and fabric rep. Martin Choate was there for the meeting also. She is my biggest cheerleader and a great source of encouragement. I love you Martin!

Several weeks later Martin called me from Huntsville on a Sunday afternoon screaming,”You’re never gonna believe this! I’m at a little clothing boutique looking at a line of clothing called 3 Sisters and they have a coat made out of YOUR FABRIC! OH MY GOSH!!!!!

Yep, sure enough there it is- first on the left- being sold at all the major apparel markets around the country. I love God’s favor.

Cindy Barganier
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