And the Bride wore Vera Wang…

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And the Bride wore Vera Wang…

So many of you have begged to see pictures of the wedding and I have, until now, not had a convenient way to let you see them. You might be sorry that you asked when you see how many there are but hey I culled a lot . I started out with 800! The ones that I finally settled on hopefully tell the story of a wonderful ,magical evening for our family. I am happy to share them with you.

Arrival at church: the bride designed all of the wedding party dresses except for hers.

I think we are ready!

Vera Wang is a detail genius. We loved these French lace and tule flowers.

There’s my beautiful baby girl.

Sharing a special moment with Daddy.

Three generations. What a blessing to have lovely Nannah there.

It’s almost time….. FINALLY!

Good lookin’ Papa!

The mob. LOL

I love this sweet picture of Mama and groom having a shared moment on the way to the church.

And these are my all time favorites as I present Mac with his gift from Megan…


It was a priceless moment. 🙂

Meg and the little girls-SO cute they were.

Brothers and sisters dancing.

After the trumpet call.

Seeing all of their special friends who made the effort to attend.

so happy

Mr. and Mrs!

My favorite part of the reception was the white benches around the up-lit olive trees.

When you mix a designer daughter and a designer Mother you get a little different look.Megan wanted nothing round and no rented linens SO we hand built all of the tables, covered them in wallpaper liner and lacquered them white. Even the cake was square and comprised of all their favorite flavors.

potato bar.. looks really good…. I wouldn’t know…

Cousins enjoying the shrimp and grits….I wouldn’t know about that either.

If you want perfectly manicured rye grass for your center pieces start now and grow a LOT of it.

Chi Omega’s–some of the sweetest girls in the universe.

Cut the cake…..

The oh so dapper best man.

The toast.

Gettin’ down with Mama

Gettin’ down with Daddy

There was a very touching moment as Father and Daughter danced to the song, “Two of a Kind”while an “old home movie” of pictures of Megan and her Daddy from birth thru engagment played. The film was her surprise to him and a thank you for her very special night. There wasn’t a dry eye.

Gettin’ down together

Gettin’ serious

get down, get down get down get down tonight baybeh

I know what you’re thinking..yes, people in the South do normally wear shoes to weddings but dew had fallen and the dance floor was as slick as ice. Stilettos and ice don’t mix.

We had fun!

The groom had to sing too. I love that ring finger.

“I think ya’ll are going to have to get going Baby…our guests look tired. ” 🙁

“We forgot the let Mac play the drums!”

Play that funky music white boy- classic!

He’s really good!

Grab some lavender everyone.

oooo, we smelled good for MONTHS ha ha

The shop was closed for a WEEK while Mom and Dad slept in the mountains.

Thanks for wanting to see the pictures. I hope you enjoyed the show.
Cindy Barganier
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