And The Walls Came A’Tumbalin Down.

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And The Walls Came A’Tumbalin Down.

I am super pumped with what’s taking place with the law office renovation. We have been holding our collective breath for months praying that what we thought was behind that wall would actually materialize. While I was off doing Gigi Camp demolition began.



As wallpaper and plaster crashed to the ground we were left with this heartwarming sight.

jinks brick

Can you hear the shouts of praise? Whoot whoot. We are very excited.

Amazing that this is the only thing we have accomplished so far but look how close we are to my inspiration sketch.

forever design blog

Give me old, a little old, a little salvage on the side. Don’t fence me in.  Ok, really REALLY bad song writing but can you feel my happy dance moment? Spin, twirl, leap. Bow.



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