Damsel Not In Distress

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Damsel Not In Distress

It’s Friday so we are going to take a break from design and have a little fun.

A close friend’s son married this month. It was a case of two old southern families uniting but before you start thinking mint juleps and porch sittin let me introduce you to this charming young couple and say that you might just want to remember her name…….

It all started with a walk in the park- Central that is.

Then the walk got more exciting.

I think she said yes! Are they cute or WHAT?

Streeter is the Wall Street type while Carrie hangs more on the Broadway side of town.

About now you are thinking, “OK Cindy, lots of people get engaged why am I supposed to remember her name?”

Because this is Carrie MacLemore whose new film Damsels In Distress by Walt Stillman just debuted at The Venice Film Festival and The Toronto International Film Festival.

If reviews mean anything we will be seeing lots more of this young beauty.

 This is what Elle Canada had to say,

Actress Carrie MacLemore might not be on your radar yet, but after the glowing response to the premiere of TIFF Special Presentation, Damsels in Distress by cinema icon, director Whit Stillman (Last Days of Disco) last night, it’s safe to say MacLemore — a lead in the feature — is soon to be a familiar face in the pages of your favorite glossies.

To read their entire article click here.

Here is Carrie arriving for her first red carpet walk dressed head to toe in Dior.

And here is a snippet of one of the MANY interviews she granted this week.




The very best of luck to you sweet Carrie and take care of that handsome husband! 


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