You Might Need A Designer If…

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You Might Need A Designer If…

I just had to post this. I attended a business meeting last week in a lovely office building with beautifully well-chosen colors and lovely art.

When I arrived I popped into the ladies’ room to check my lipstick.

Again, there were gorgeous tile selections with decorative borders. But then I rounded the corner and stepped up to the lavatory. This is what I encountered.

 Can you see that tiny dark half circle centered on the door at the very bottom of the large mirror?

That would be the tip-top of my head. LOL

Now notice the small hand mirror (where you see me holding the camera at eye level) that someone had to bring in.

So much for checking your make-up or anything else.  The tile selector went a little wild. The bottom of the mirror was 18″ too high meaning that you had to be about 6’3″ to see your full face in that mirror.

A good designer will help you think through those details and hopefully save you some embarrassing results.

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  • The tile installer was probably 6′-3″. It worked perfectly for him. What a waste of time, material and money. Lessons learned the hard way.

    September 21, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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