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Emotional Roller Coaster



How is it possible to experience such a wide range of emotions in the span of just a few hours? As you know, Jeff and I were at market last week. What you don’t know is that I have an announcement to make. We hit a career milestone that we were so very excited about sharing with you today. However, as we were making our way home Friday night one of my closest friends and business associates in all the world “graduated” from this world and crossed over into his forever home- heaven. Stan Godwin was one of the funniest, most creative, and hardest working people I have ever known. He walked into a room and took it over, quickly becoming the life of the party. His quick sarcastic wit kept you on your toes because you NEVER knew what was going to come out of that mouth.


He poked fun at himself all the time but not at others. He never met a stranger and would ask a million questions after the initial introduction because he truly cared about people and wanted to get to know them. It wasn’t long before he was asking the question that meant the most to him, “if you died tonight do you know where you would spend eternity?”

I can’t quite wrap my head around the world without Stan. I can’t tell you how many industry people have been standing around just staring at each other for the last three days already missing the raucous laughter, the ever present opinions on……everything, and the ” I love you, Friend ” ‘s that came often and without embarrassment. He did love us and he showed it in a million different ways. He never once called me Cindy. It was ALWAYS Cindy B! said loudly and with enthusiasm that let me know he was glad to see me/hear from me. The saying between us was always, “Mi Casa, Su Casa” (I probably butchered that.. never took Spanish).

Now? I know of no one else who will stand for me showing up unannounced, plopping down in the chair across the desk from them, tossing a plan down and saying, “what am I missing here?” or ” I have designer’s block…Help!!” knowing that he was OK with it and was just fine with me parking myself there until he had time to fix me. The man was one of a kind.

I have the feeling that he is peering over my shoulder at this moment becoming quite out done with me. I can hear that unmistakable voice saying, “Alright ALRIGHT! Enough already. I am happy as a lark. I have already had a conversation with Moses, danced with my sister, received a long list of projects to work on (AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY DON’T HAVE BUDGETS UP HERE?????) and now I am going to settle in for long walk and talk with our Lord. Now you, snap out of it! Tell the folks what you have been up to and get this party started. Didn’t I always tell you I wanted you to dance at my funeral?” Well yes, he did and I told him the same thing. Just didn’t think it would be so soon.


And he loved his “Kat”. We’re here for you sweet girl.


Thanks for letting me get it out. It helps. And if you love somebody, tell them, right now. I’m glad I did.



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