It’s A Wrap

It’s A Wrap

For me, the presentation of a beautifully wrapped gift is part of the gift itself. For most of my adult life my Mother and I have coordinated our gift wrap so that the tree would look beautiful as we blended our gifts each year. It brought us great joy each year to decide on the color scheme and then shop together to select papers and ribbon for our special gifts. While I don’t have pictures of ours through the years at my fingertips I did find some lovely examples of our others present their gifts. I hope you will enjoy and maybe even find a little inspiration from these images.

Cindy Barganier Interiors

gift wrap 10

gift wrap 4

gift wrap 7

gift wrap 10

gift wrap1

gift wrap2

gift wrap3

gift wrap5

gift wrap6



gift wrap8

gift wrap9


gift wrap10

gift wrap11

gift wrap12

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