I Can’t Wait!!! The Saga Of Christmas 2012

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I Can’t Wait!!! The Saga Of Christmas 2012


You are going to have to stay with me for the next few posts. I promise you some chuckles as you follow along on what I am now calling, “The Saga Of Christmas 2012.

We are fulfilling a Christmas fantasy this year and after years of begging it wasn’t even my idea. It was my wonderful son-in-law’s ( son-in -love as I prefer to say).

We are not giving any presents except to the little guys and we are heading to the mountains together as a family for a week of a whole lot of nothing.

country Christmas


We plan to enjoy the wonderment of childhood at Christmas with the grandchildren.

Christmas Wonder

Feed the reindeer and the elves.

Elf donuts--actually cheerios, to leave out with Santa's cookies.

Remember the important things.

So true!

Do a lot of this.

toasty toes

And this..

Candy cane marshmallows for hot cocoa~ hang them on the side of your mug.

Watch a little of this,

my all time favorite

make a few of these,

When is Santa coming? Take off a link a day starting Dec. 1st. How cute!

take a bunch of these

looks perfect for M & M

And just love being with each other. I can’t wait.

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