If Only Dreaming Would Make It So

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If Only Dreaming Would Make It So

If you missed yesterday’s post go here to catch up on what I am talking about.

It turns out that  the fabulous house that we had rented in the mountains was on the market and … yep, you guessed it… it sold. Homeless for Christmas we were ( well, not really, but you know what I mean.) So we start calling every friend, acquaintance and stranger that anyone told us about who might have a house that we could a) fit into b)afford.


My son-in -law and I have done everything in our power to try to get us to a cold climate for Christmas this year so that we could have a roaring fire and lots of hot somethings to drink but, alas, it doesn’t appear that it is going to happen. But if dreaming could make it so…..






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Truly, we tried. But it looks like another Christmas in shorts might be in our future. However! If you happen to own a home somewhere, anywhere with a chance at a white Christmas year after next that you would like to donate…. I’m your girl.

Meanwhile, we’re going to the lake for Christmas.

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  • You found every gorgeous image of snow, CIndy! I am with you on a white Christmas. A girl can dream!
    Happy Thursday.

    December 20, 2012 at 3:12 pm

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