Plan C

Plan C

The lake had really grown on me as a place for celebrating Christmas…then, would you believe it, ANOTHER house sold. LOL Read here and here if you don’t understand that.

THIS time it was my daughter and son-in-law’s house that sold. They don’t know where they are going but they have to be out of their house by December 27. Therefore, they really want to spend Christmas at their house this one last time so the lake is out and their house is in. Does your head hurt yet? So I had already mentally re-packed from the cold weather vacation to the warm weather vacation and had actually packed the boxes and bags of paper products and other things that we were going to need for the lake house because we didn’t want to use any of the owner’s supplies even if they are family.

I had planned and organized tree decorating activities for the children because we were going to the lake, right?

xmas decor

So we would need to stop and get a cute little Charley Brown tree to decorate ’cause you just can’t have Christmas without a tree and stockings. I had planned to sneak up

there ahead of time and string colorful lights on the dock and make it “happy” for the babies.

But now we are going to be at a house that is already fully decorated soooo………………

to be continued.


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