Bower Bird… The Original Decorator!

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Bower Bird… The Original Decorator!

While at Auburn this week for the Grisham-Trentham Lecture Series I learned something fascinating. Did you know that if you are planning to build in Australia or New Guinea  that your best bet for a great design partner just might be a bird??

Yep. You heard me right. The Australian Bower Bird just might be the original decorator


You really must watch this video. It will make your day and who knows, maybe you will get a little color inspiration in the process.




While you enjoy the land of Bowery, I will be celebrating a birthday. My sweetie is kidnapping me this very afternoon for a much needed get-away. We will be going off the grid for four whole days. Not sure I can do that but I am going to give it the old college try.

If you need me, please leave a message on the office phone and I will begin the return process at the end of next week. Thanks for understanding the need for a little R and R.

I will be a better design partner for it. …… Promise!

See you soon. Happy decorating little Bower Bird.

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