Vignettes, Important Design Elements

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Vignettes, Important Design Elements

I had a great time last week when Jean Allsop came to town. Jean is the acclaimed photographer of the book 30A Style written and published by Lynn Nesmith. She is also a magazine scout and spent the day photographing several of my projects.



Photo shoots are always exciting but they are also a bit nerve -wracking for me; trying to make sure everything is just right and second guessing what an editor might be looking for. Frankly, that part is exhausting.

I learned a trick a long time ago that is still so interesting to me.  I found that when I am standing in a room that I have looked at for a long time I don’t really see it the way that it is. If I take a picture of it and look at the picture the “holes” become glaring, the books crooked, the flowers dead etc. etc.

It’s the same for accessorization or new construction.

I am trying to train my eye to see like a magazine photographer. That calls for vignettes.

For instance,  my tendency is to try to show the entire room in a picture because, after all, I worked hard on the flow and I want to tell the whole story. That’s not the way they do it.  They let you in on the story one tiny bit at a time. I have to admit, it is much more charming. I started experimenting.

This simple image tells me a lot about the person who lives here if I pay close attention.


vignettes cindy barganier

Cindy E Barganier Interiors


Or how about the beauty of morning’s light dancing into this bathroom.

The black and white image allows me to focus on the texture of the smooth stone against the nubby silk bench. I can actually feel the coolness of one and the tactile quality of the other just by looking at it. And… it makes me want to see more. Right?


Cindy Barganier garden tubs

Cindy E Barganier Interiors

Next, I don’t really care what else is there. I am just blown away by the beauty of this.

Had they shown me the entire space I might have missed it.

Do you agree or disagree? I am still trying to figure it out.

  • gayle

    You see I am reading older entries. I don’t like only vignettes. I get so frustrated at never seeing the whole picture. I was on a blog this a.m. and it showed the pillows on her bed and not how they related to the room. Show some vignettes but always get the whole room. I don’t like all this styling of private homes that were done by the owners and then a stylist comes in and makes it look like a magazine and not the real home. I know why designers do it, it is good business but a private home should be photographed as it lives.

    July 13, 2014 at 5:53 pm

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